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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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was captured. and it is clear on live doppler 7hd, but a weather change is on the way.
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they wanted to kill more people. they didn't leave after the boston bombings. >> speculation tonight about what the boston bombers had planned if they hadn't been caught. soon we may have answers as the only living suspect is awake and being questioned by investigators. good evening. i'm katie in for ama dates who is on assignment in boston. we will get to the latest on the marathon attacks in a moment. first we begin with the warm weather. a live look outside right now where it is cool, but things are going to heat up again tomorrow. abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser is here with a first look at the weather on live doppler 7hd. leigh? >> and you are exactly right. mild temperatures are still
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out there at this hour. live doppler 7hd right now is live and no returns at all. get ready for the next five to seven days to be dry. here is a look at the highs for today. you are not going to believe this, but it is close to 90 degrees for livermore today. redwood city 86. 81 in oakland and santa rosa 87. right now skies are clear andtes holding the he oakland. 73egrees tis hour. san jose is at 70 and 63 this half moon bay. good possibility that some parts of the bay area could break some new high records tomorrow. we will look at those possibilities coming up in a bit. >> thank you. now to boston as the city tries to return to normal. we are learning more about the bombing suspect. the thine teen-year-old suspect suspect -- the 19-year-old suspect is alive and responding in writing to questions. fbi negotiators say they tried for 25 minutes to convince car
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thaif to give -- tsarnaev to give himself up after they found him in the boat. no charges have been filed, but tsarnaev is expected to face a weapon of mass destruction charge and federal authorities want to speak to his older brother tam -- tau -- his older brother's wife. ere is beingthe same hospital treated. >> law enforcement sources tell abc news terror suspect is being questioned about the unexploded bombs. the 19-year-old is responding in writing due to a throat injury that they say may have been self-inflicted. >> they had other bombs and explosives and they were probably planning to do something else. >> reporter: this is the first moment an elite federal an teargas team has spoken to tsarnaev since the dramatic end to the manhunt. >> he is moving and flailing about. quite a bit of movement.
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>> reporter: new video shows him hiding in a boat as stun grenades exploded leading to his capture. his older brother was killed in another shootout and they are looking at his recent trip to a region of russia that has been a hotbed of militant activity. >> he brainwashed his younger brother and then what happened on marathon d s say thount ofen i overwhelming including this photo showing dzhokhar placing a bomb near martin richard who was killed. families gathered at a sunday mass to remember the victims. a wake was held for crystal campbell who will be laid to rest on monday. and more than 50 people remain hospitalized. >> angels were watching over me. >> reporter: she credits her friend for saving her life and carrying her to safety. on the streets of boston a moment of silence at 2:50 tomorrow afternoon, the exact moment the bombings took place.
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abc news, bo boston. richard donohue, the massachusetts transit officer who was severely wounded in thursday night's shootout is in stable, but critical condition. donohue's heart stopped after his femoral artery was severed. his brother who is also a police officer spoke at a news con treens. news conference. >> him you will ner t subway. but there he is jumping into the midst of a gun fight in watertown and making transit very proud and making our entire family and i assume our entire state and country proud. >> today's services were held for two victims of the tragedy, kris -- crystal campbell and sean collier. abc7 news reporter sergio has the story on a local business that has launched a few
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fundraisers to help. >> at mountain mike's pizza each pie is hand made. and for the last few days they have been packed with extra generousity. a portion of everything sold will be donated to help aaron hern's family as he recovers. >> i am thinking we can give 2,000. we haven't done the math yet. we will be adding it up pretty soon. restaurant has been settingf sa. they were surprised how customers have even chipped in extra. >> people are dropping off some money saying can you give this to his family. and we are putting this aside as well. >> for some customers it has been a great way to help. >> it has been fun. i drink a lot of beer, but it was for a good cause. >> word spread fast that aaron hern was one of the 170 people injured in the boston marathon bombing. >> i live in martinez so i
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found out that it was the football coach's son, so yes. really close to home. >> she is a manager at kinder's meat and barbecue. others are also from martinez so they decided to donate 15% of their sales from now through wednesday. i talked with a hern family friend from boston who tells me aarons rec he is already in physical therapy, but she does not have an estimation when he will be returning home to martinez. abc7 news. >> 3,000 athletes ran through the presidio with increased security along the race course. the presidio 10 included a competitor who finished the boston marathon before tragedy hit. scott dunlap saw other runners runners and spectators trying to help the wounded. >> impressive how the people of boston rallied. in anyway we tried to help. we tried to get to the scene
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and hundreds of people were at the scene. tried to get help and 500 people out front. you need blood? no, it is topped up. >> dunlap tells abc7 that he plans to run his 10th boston marathon next year. stay with abc7 news and for the newest details on the boston bombing suspect. coming up in a fewtes, the bay area company helping to track down criminals like the boston bombers. new at 11:00, one person died after an accident along the freeway in san jose. the crash happened after 8:00 on southbound 101 near hillier avenue. they are trying to figure out why the car left the roadway. the accident and the investigation blocked two lanes of the freeway and delayed drivers. it took the entire day, but golden gate park is back to normal. dozens of people who turned out for an annual 4/20 marijuana celebration at
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sharon meadow left behind tons of trash. lilian kim is live in golden gate park with the clean up and the fallout. lilian? >> it took 25 city workers eight hours to clean up all of the mess left behind by thousands of pot smokers. as many as 15,000 people came together in san francisco to celebrate marijuana. it is the gathering place where sharon meadow and golden gate park, and based on some of the people who were there, it was as close to heaven on earth. >> it was wall to wall people. you can turn around and get a hickey from a stranger. >> reporter: the unofficial unpermitted pot fest called 4/20 created a huge mess, the worst city workers have seen for the annual gathering. one park and rec employee said the revelers left 11 tons of trash. many employees came in on their day off to clean it up. the event participants though said the number of people who came to the city that make up for the thousands of dollars
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the clean up is costing taxpayers. >> how much money did they bring in yesterday. did you see them? >> you didn't see them spending hoin though. they were buzzed and walking by. >> he says tour/20 participants -- 4/20 participants should get permits like anything else. >> t and make a mess and think this childish behavior will be tolerated by the city. it won't be. >> the supervisor wants to take it a step further. she is considering persuading other city leaders to ban the gathering altogether. the 4/20 crowd was responsible for vandalism in surrounding neighborhoods. >> it is not for medical reasons. it is for recreational reasons. we have to crackdown because of the you are responsibility -- because of the you are responsibility of the organizers of the event. >> the one thing that gave the clean up crews an especially difficult time were these
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cigar wrappers. they were found all over the place, and it was time-comsuming to clean up. >> thank you. police in denver believe they have identified one of the two suspects in yesterday's shooting at a marijuana festival. it is the man, i think you can see hiin anecred shirt.lice thid the primary suspect after the shooting. three are injured, but all expected to sur slive. the case was turned over to the police gang unit. new at 11:00, a current school board member will take over as the temporary superintendent. the district will formally introduce gary ye. he attended the public schools. he haix over -- he takes over after tony smith resigned. the school board wants to hire a permanent leader before school starts in the fall. still to come, actress
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reece witherspoon is talking about her arrest and what she said that is part of what got her into trouble. and the technology that helped track down the boston bombing suspects, and the bay area company that is stream lining the process. cutbacks at airports across the nation. will there be massive flight delays in the bay area? and new details about the texas fertilizer blast. what we have now
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a key part of the search for the boston bombing
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suspects was the hours of video from the camcorders and the surveillance cameras along monday's race route. but how did police go through it so quickly? jonathon bloom has a look inside the bay area company whose technology helped make that possible. >> reporter: in the wake of the bombing it wasn't an eyewitness, but a high definition camera on top of a department store that told investigators who they were looking for. in a secured facility they pieced it together from video of hundreds of other cameras to identify the suspects. it took days, but a few years ago, it could have take ep months. >> -- taken months. >> if you go to the london train bombings, it was president ared that there were thousands and thousands of investigators that ouch whatted video for weeks and weeks to piece it together. look how fast these guys turned it around. >> reporter: al ship knows exactly how they did it. he is the head of a san francisco company funded by the cia. >> this is a post 9/11-inspired idea. >> reporter: 3vr makes facial recognition in a software
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helping them find who they are looking for fast. >> we take color, size, shape, direction, speed, aspect ratio and we can do faces and demographics to determine your age and gender. we can also determine y mood, hay ory. >> reporter: he showed us how it works. you can search for a specific car. >> in this case i am searching for a red vehicle, and i also picked a direction of travel. >> reporter: the software em coulds through hours of footage to show just seven results. you can search for people by age. >> you can see the example of 20 to 25-year-olds. >> reporter: and when you find what you are looking for look what else shows up. >> smart technology is more important as the cameras cameras are more common. this stack of hard drives represents one-100th of the video they had to go through. >> there could be as much as five years of data. >> reporter: powerful come outed poohers can scan -- powerful computers can scan through and scan it alongside the surveillance cameras.
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3vr has their eye on teaching computers to catch crime before it happens. >> if you can recognize it as a human you can train a computer to do it. >> jonathon bloom abc7 news. >> it might take you longer to get where you are going if you fly during the next five months. furloughs started for 47,000 fed rave aviation employees. the furloughs reduced the number of air traffic controllers at airports including here in the bay area. the cuts are the result of federal lawmakers not agreeing on a budget in time. all three major bay area airports tell us tonight they did not experience any delays today because of the furloughs. new at 11:00, we are hearing from actress reece wither soon hours after the news broke she was arrested. witherspoon is apologizi she says, quote, that she is deeply embarrassed about what she said to officers during a run in with police in atlanta on friday. she asked them, do you know who i am?
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witherspoon and her husband, a hollywood agent were pulled over and he was arrested for driving under the influence. witherspoon would not stay in the car as instructed and they arrested her for disorderly conduct. the weather is behaving nicely though. leigh glaser with a look. >> it certainly is. overnight temperatures thanks to the heating today and the clear sky out there wilprobablyr for your monday morning commute. you can see live doppler 7hd is not picking up any returns at all. high pressure is providing the sinking air and that is what is helping to keep the low clouds and fog off the coast. nice shot from our rooftop cam. i just updated these. 56 in san francisco and now it is 65 in mountain view. 54 in santa cruz and another nice shot from our high definition camera. we are actually looking out over the bay.
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and the bay bridge is right here. santa rosa is 58. it is still mild though out toward the livermore valley area. union city 63 and 61 in los gatos. we will keep a little heat overnight and especially inland. it will be cool, not as cool as last night. near record high temperatures in some neighborhoods. get ready for a cool down as we get into tuesday night, wednesday night and thursday. upper 40s to near 50 degrees. a little mild side. folks, high pressure continuing to divert all of the storms to the north of us. look at this nice arc here. the high continues to move in and it will bring sub staw nens and sinking air. it will also bring a slight offshore wind component and we will look for warm conditions conditions conditions and going from land to sea.
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that means the coastal communities are near 70 degrees and near record highs elsewhere. here are three locations looking to set new record highs. that would be:00 land. the record is 85. san jose is 89 and santa rosa aswearm three or four more degrees it will likely set new records in those locations. speaking of records, livermore tomorrow is 89 degrees. and then that will be the warmest day. and we will see our trend tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, that's when the low clouds and fog will move back in. really this warm spell will last two more days and then we will all start to cool down by midweek. here is a look at your highs for monday for san jose and morgan hill. mild and 84. near 70 at our coast tomorrow. downtown san francisco at 75
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degrees. 88 for santa rosa and we will look for 80 for hayward and 82 for oakland. the further east you go, the heat is on. livermore, brents wood -- brentwood. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, a couple more days of heat and near record heat for your monday 90s inland and then the fog returns on wednesday and thursday and friday and we cool things back down to the 70s inland and the 50s at the coast. enjoy the next couple >> will do thank you, lei tu to mike shumann for sports. >> the sharks had a chance to clinch a playoff spot and not going to happen. barry zito pitching like he was in the playoffs against the padres and rebounding from the worst start of his
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the blue jackets are fighting for the playoff spot in the west. it turns out the blue jackets were hungry yes, sir tonight at the -- hungrier tonight a tank. the one timer passed him and
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it is 3-1 blah jackets. they put it for the second goal of the year. five mons remaining and short side. scott gomez gets the point on the assist. the game tied at three, but just when little joe thought he was turned it at th line. a minute and a half remaining. sharksollowo theecond regulation loss at home this season. the giants sweeping it up at at&t park with the padres. barry zito was money pitching a shutout and got help from buster poe see's hat -- posey's hat. after getting shelled in his last outing barry zito bounces back with seven score less innings, 5 hits and four strikeouts. pagan knocked in the 10th and 11th with a double in the third. the only hit of the third. it gave them a 2-0 lead. how much home runs has buster posey hit this season? none. really?
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make it one. the giants sweep the padres with a 5-0 victory and barry zito never looked back. >> you have to have a short-term memory in this game. we talk about it all the time. if you let outings bleed to the next ones, that's when things go bad. raho w had their tacarot rds he gave up runs on eight ee this often. dropping a flyball. the rays score 1-0 and add an r.b.i later. then in the second and escobar is out of here. his first homerun of the year. solo shot. tampa bay goes on to sweep the a's 8-1 your final. four more games on tap. speaking of hitting the hardwood it will cost david leigh -- david
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the a's took a hit.
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david lee is out with a torn right hip flexor. it occurred in the fourth quarter. he took a nasty spill. ip flexor.ed on his h and he lead with 56 double-doubles. his loss will be tough to swallow. he knew his season was over right away. >> the reason i knew last night that it was torn, it wasn't a severe pain that i pulled something, it was like -- i went to raise my knee and i had no feeling in my whole entire hip area. like i said, i was praying for the bees today, but i somewhat knew what the outcome was going to be. >> game two tuesday night. miami looking to repeat as world champions. lebron james and 27 points on 11 shots. 10 boards and 8 assists. jennings predicted milwaukee would win it, but lebron had other ideas the heat win it. rockets and thunder is where the real show happened at half time. kevin durant, usual big
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night. 24 points. also big game from debaca. he threw down 17 and thunder wi one 120-91 your final. lakersndan antonio like the new home graze. they tried to make the laker fans forget kobe. howard 20 points and lakers down four, but 18 laker turnovers and 18 points by tony parker gave san antonio the win in game one. 91-79 the final. they are hoping for revenge at buck shaw stadium and found themselves trailing. 1-0 timbers, but the quakes strike back. the second goal of the year. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. we will tee it up and more trouble about -- more trouble with mcclain. >> the ultimate price paid by first responders in the plant fire. what we learned about the victims. and a close call for a florida
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good evening. i'm katie for who is on assi in boston. a fatal traffic accident in san jose has killed the driver of a car that went off the roadway. it happened on southbound 101 near hillier avenue. the chp has just begun its investigation. an estimated 15,000 people in san francisco who celebrated marijuana yesterday forced a big clean up today, 11 tons of trash were left behind by revelers. it could cost the city up to $10,000 just to sweep it all away. furloughs have started for 47,000 f.a.a. employees. that means there are fewer air traffic controllers at airports including here in the bay area. government budget cuts are
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forcinged it rail agencies to -- federal agencies to cut spending. no major flight delays in the bay area. and now to texas where tonight we are learning that the first responders who rushed in to put out the massive fire at the fertilizer plant in the small town of west paid a staggering price much higher than we initially thought. abc newsepte ithe.>> today tside explosion site at theexas fertilizer plant, the local sheriff told us that the first responders who died didn't have a chance. 14 people were killed and authorities say 12 of them were firefighters and paramedics and other, woulders there trying to -- workers trying to put out the initial fire that may have caused the explosion. >> our priority is the line of duty death investigation for the firefighters and first responders who lost their lives this this incident. >> reporter: it is one of the greatest losses of first responders since the 2007 charleston sofa factory fire that killed nine.
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in texas some families were allowed home. >> i just wanted to go home. i wanted to see my house. >> mary says her house is broken , but she is not. >> it can all be fixed. it will take a little while, but it can be fixed. >> homeownerli far away from the plant that exploded. it is several streets, several city blocks that way. >> they are worried about broken gas pipes or pipes connected to the plant and causing another deadly blast. abc news, west texas. record breaking floods are causing month are than water logged roadsment several homes have been condemned because they are thousand sliding down the hillsides. also three people across the midwest have died when their vehicles were swept off the roads. heavy rains and floods have lead to a state of emergency being declared in grand rapids, michigan. the rivers are not expected to crest until sometime tomorrow. people stood in the streets after a magnitude 5.9
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magnitude quake struck mexico. the buildings were swaying in mexico city 200 miles from the epicenter. no reports of injuries injuries or major damage. >> a six-year-old florida boy tells the tale of being attacked by an alligator. he was about to going with his father in southeast florida when he wandered too close to the water's edge. an alligator jumped out and chomped on him. >> he grabbed my arm and i couldn't get it out. >> it is about waist deep and i had my son like this here and didn't want to play tug of war with the alligator because i didn't want his arm to get ripped out. while i am doing that i am punching the alligator on top of the head as hard as i could. >> a witness saw it happening and went off and kicked the gate neither the belly and it released joey who was rushed to the hospital. he suffered only minor
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injuries. an almost fatal accident involving a little league player during a game in roanoke park forced coaches and parents to learn cpr. 50 people showed up to take part in a cpr clinic today. an eight-year-old boy's heart stopped bein last after he was hit by a pitch in the chest. >> we want our coaches and managers and those with our kids to know a life saving step like cpr. >> whoa will come across something like this somewhere, and we have to be prepared to get into action and help the kid that is down. >> again this happened during the cal ripken league. matthew hen rear's life was saved by two paramedics who happened to be at the game. matthew returned to the field yesterday to a hero's welcome. it will be a new world for shoppers in san mateo county tomorrow. there will no longer be plastic carry out bags available. on monday, earth day all
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retail outlets in the county will be required to use reusable bags only. if you don't have one, they will charge 10 cents per paper bag. it does not apply to the plastic bags used to take home food from restaurants. the curtain came down for the final time at a movie theater in pleasant hill. the theater on monument boulevard closed after showing movies for the past 46 years. movie buffs want to save the theater. they hope to plead their case before the city council next month. they have already approved plans to demolish the dome. the property owner intends to replace it with a dick's sporting goods of the. the post apocalyptic thriller "oblivion" is big at the box office. the tom cruise flick earned $38 million at the box office this weekend. last weekend's top film "42" sliped to second place earning $18 million. the n animated family film "the crudes" came in at number
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three and" scary movie 5" and will toed by gi joe re new at 11:00, a huge crowd of people turned out for a fundraiser benefiting meals on wheels of san francisco. those in attendance were treated to a scrumptious meal prepared by some of the best chefs in northern california. wines from 65 of the best vitners were featured. the money raised will benefit home bound seniors. still ahead, saving money is great, but there can be drawbacks. michael finney takes a look at one man's quest to get his money back after a trip didn't turn out quite as expected. and celebrating spring in the bay area. >> it will feel like spring and even summer in some locations. i am leigh glaser. a final look at doppler weather hd and the
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searching on-line for airline tickets can help you find low fares and it is convenient, but if there is a mistake it can be more difficult to correct. that's what a bay area man found out. he spent hours trying to untangle an error.
11:45 pm
michael finney has a look at what happened. >> george chew often goes to shanghai for business. >> i go from vancouver to china. >> it can be expensive, but he found a barr began -- bargain fare on orbitz. the ticket price was very good. >> he purchased a roundrip ticket for $884 which would be a great fare except he was charged twice. >> i do recognize they have a deal there, but there is no reason for them to have two ticket in my name. >> an airline agent in shanghai noticed it first. there were two seats booked for one person and which seat did george want to sit in. george called orbitz and demanded a refund. >> i spent hours on the phone with the customer service people and talked to as many as six is. >> finally he says orbitz made an of oner he could definitely refuse. >> they tried to give me an
11:46 pm
airline credit for the month of the ticket, but in order to use the credit i have to pay $280 fees. >> orbitz said he could o get airli credit and to us a year and had to pay a $280 change fee to book it. george said, not fair. >> not at all. it is really not my mistake in anyway or shape. >> george was told to send a complaint to orbitz headquarters, but he wanted to speak to a manager. >> and i was told that is the best they can offer me. i already reached the highest on the customer service. >> instead george contacted 7 on your side and we contacted orbitz. the company tells us had sent a refund request to air canada and weeks later george got a full refund for the extra ticket. orbitz said the customer initially received misinformation in regards to receiving a credit and being
11:47 pm
charged a change fee for the ticket. in this case the customer should receive a full refund and prior to being contacted by your station, we worked with our airline part yes, -- partner to ensure that happened. convenience this h caused ab shu. >> i appreciate it very much. >> orbitz says if the travel site makes a booking mistake, the customers are entitled to a refund. they don't have to accept only credit. thanks to orbitz and air canada for pushing the refund through. a colorful parade in san francisco marks the end of the northern california cherry blossom festival. the grandpa raid was an explosion of red and pink thanks to the native dress worn by several members of the japanese community. the queen of the festival was there along with her court. many boy scouts joined in as well as performers from japan. a gorgeous day, but will it stick around? let's check in with leigh.
11:48 pm
>> it will be another warm day tomorrow. as you head out, they are not picking up any returns. clearly the dry weather elin thewill be with us. midsection of the country, minneapolis has snow moving in there over night tonight. tomorrow should turn to a rain-snow mix. all of this instability is heading toward the chicago area. dallas looks great at 80 degrees and if you check out phoenix, 96 and southern california looks nice. the high pressure is already bringing us the offshore winds. monterey to 66 and 92 in fresno and 67 in the lake tahoe area. we heat up as well and records are possible especially inland locations. around the bay 60s to near 70 degrees at our coast. we will stared to trend the
11:49 pm
numbers down and then the low clouds and fog return on thursday, friday and saturday. that's when temperatures return to the low 70s and acts around the bay and upper 50s. mike niko will be here tomorrow morning with an update. >> thank you for that, leigh. a little bit of everything. that's what shu has as well. >> anytime you join a new team you want to make a good first impression. it is baltimore raven can't stay out o
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mcclain is no longer an oakland raider and his off field problems was a big reason why. he was arrested in decatur, alabama for disorderly conduct. he was cut by the raiders and signed a deal with the ravens on april 12th. the former number one draft pick has been arrested numerous times insurance entering the league this 2010. he was suspended for conduct debt pro mental to the team. bad first impression. the columbus blah jackets are taking on the sharks. the blue jackets 8 and the sharks needed a point to clinch a post season birth. playoff fever and maybe they just have a fever. come on, kids, get excited.
11:53 pm
the one timer and power play goal. 3-1 blah jackets. blue jackets cets. he puts it in for the goal. the short side for the 15 of the year. game tied at three. then he turns it over to blue line. a minute and a half remaining and the warriors lost a big part of the roster. he is out for the remainder of the season with a torn right hip flexor. it occurred in the fourth quarter and lee took a nasty spill and landed on his hip and he leads the league with 56 double-doubles so it will be tough. he said he knew his season was over last night jie. the reason i knew last night it was torn after it happened was it wasn't severe pain like i pulled something.
11:54 pm
it was like i went to raise my knee and i had no feeling in my whole entire hip area. >> i was praying the for the best. but i what theome gh to swallow. the miami heat looking to repeat and hoping for another ring and facing milwaukee. 27 points, 10 boards and 8 assists for lebron. he is just too much. a man among boys. heat wins it. rockets and thunder and america's got talent winner right there. kevin durant and his usual big night. also a big game from surge. down 17 and thunder wins game one 120-91 that final. the lakers in san antonio. without kobe bryant and gasol and walker tried to make fans forget about kobe. lakers down 4, but 8 steen turnovers by the lakers and it
11:55 pm
gives san antonio the win in game one 91-79 the final. a little baseball a at&t park that included the padres barry zito was money and pitching a shutout. there hasn't been this much action since barry bonds was hitting home runs. after getting shelled in his last outing zito bounced back in seven score less innings with five hits and four strikeouts. angel pa em an knocked in this double in the third. it gave them a 2-0 lead of the buster posey, believe it or not this is the first homerun of the season. giants sweep the padres with a 5-0 victory and barry zito never looks back. >> you have to have a short-term memory in this game. we talk about it all the time, but if you let outings bleed into the next one, that's when things go bad. you have to have a new uh prop. >> the a's are swept by the
11:56 pm
rays learning new car tricks. tommy malone takes his first loss of the season. he drops a flyball. 1-0 rays. he added an r.b.i later. uld say that is out of here. solo so the. tampa bay goes on to sweep the a's. 8-1 is the final. a little bit of golf. it went to sudden death. the long birdie putt on 18 and the first playoff hole and just misses. flies by 10 feet. you can't be short on those putts. the 10 footer to force another playoff hole. he misses. graham mcdowell your rbc heritage champion. let's go to the pits. hoping for revenge at buck shaw. but they were down to the second half and vaw lair raw picks it out of the air. timbers are up 1-0.
11:57 pm
the quake strike back. second goal of the year. imam ends in a 1-1 draw. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, mike shumann. edition of abc7 news. thanks, everyone, for joining us of the the news continues tomorrow morning. for leigh glaser and mike shoe han, nick fletcher joining us, have a great night.
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